Polycom Communication Equipment

Polycom Phones. Improve business productivity, enhance communication and increase efficiency with Polycom Business Media Phones, Expansion Modules, SoundStations, and more from Hosted-Voice. We offer clients a complete range of high-quality Polycom products to best meet the needs of your business. For companies looking for a dependent, reliable and cost-effective solution to their telecommunication problems, virtual phone services from Hosted-Voice are a great opportunity for you.

VVX 600

16-Line Phone

VVX 500

12-line Business Media Phone

VVX 400

Business PoE Telephone

VVX 300

6-line Desktop Phone & HD Voice

VVX Expansion Module

Backlit EXP Module

VVX Color Expansion Module

Color EXP mod for VVX

Soundstation IP 7000

Soundstation PoE

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