Virtual Phone Service University City

Virtual Phone Service Provider in University City. Hosted-Voice is a full-service virtual telephone company servicing businesses of all sizes in University City. If you'd like to prevent expensive telephone services while having your company's productivity increase, a virtual phone system from Hosted-Voice is a great option for you. By integrating both VoIP and cloud technology, our team is able to improve communications by converting from traditional telephone lines to the Internet. Hosted-Voice's virtual phone system is a subscription based service that is made available in an array of options which can include heads up display, vFax Trunx, voicemail to email, system speed dials, web click-to-dial, twin cellphone, conference bridge, and more. To learn more about the virtual phone services we provide or to get started on setting up a virtual phone system for your University City business, contact Hosted-Voice by calling (314) 238-1500 or completing our online contact form.

Hosted-Voice is a virtual phone service company that provides various-sized businesses in University City unbeatable virtual phone systems and support. For over 14 years, the Hosted-Voice team has been dedicated to improving the telephone industry, and we have proudly evolved into a full-service virtual telephone company! Through keeping expensive phone system parts in our data centers, we've managed to dispose of excessive PBX hardware and maintenance costs! When you allow Hosted-Voice to provide you with virtual phone services, you can save money on a monthly basis, gain access to the high-quality features included in our services, and advance your communication practices.