Virtual Phone Service Kirkwood

Virtual Phone Service Provider in Kirkwood. For over a decade, Hosted-Voice has been dedicated to revolutionizing the telephone communications industry and we have successfully grown into a full-service virtual phone provider. For Kirkwood businesses looking to improve efficiency while keeping phone service costs low, a virtual phone system from Hosted-Voice is ideal for you. Through use of VoIP and cloud technology, we have enhanced communications by converting from phone lines to the internet. Our virtual phone system is a subscription based service that is offered to companies of all sizes which features vary depending upon the needs of your business. With the addition of a virtual phone system, your Kirkwood business can gain access to many high-quality features such as Outlook click-to-dial, cellphone twin, auto failover DID, conference bridge, IVR recordings, vFax Trunx, and more.

Hosted-Voice is a virtual phone service company that provides businesses in Kirkwood with superior virtual phone systems and support. We've disposed of expensive PBX hardware, repairs, and maintenance by storing costly phone system parts in our data centers and have ultimately created a way for our clients to save on costs. When you host your virtual phone system with Hosted-Voice, your Kirkwood business will save money, have access to quality features included in our virtual phone services, and expand communication by switching from traditional phone lines to the internet. To learn more about how you can save with a virtual phone system or to get started on setting up virtual phone services for your Kirkwood business, contact Hosted-Voice by calling (314) 238-1500 or completing our online contact form.