What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system allows business owners, management, and staff to receive and manage phone calls from anywhere, anytime. With virtual phone services from Hosted-Voice, companies can depend on a reliable system combined with the highest standard of support the telecommunications industry has to offer. Instead of implementing a conventional phone line, a virtual phone system allows you to place and receive calls over a high-speed Internet connection. Virtual and Cloud-based systems differ from VoIP phones. VoIP uses public Internet to transmit phone calls, while virtual services run on a private connection. To learn more about our virtual telephone systems, or to get started on services for your company, contact Hosted-Voice today!

Hosted-Voice specializes in providing virtual telephone services to various-sized businesses. In our effort to prove our commitment to offering affordable and state-of-the-art virtual phone systems, we have virtually eliminated expensive PBX hardware, maintenance, and repair costs by storing high-priced equipment at our data centers. By allowing Hosted-Voice to manage your business phone system, you're able to seamlessly improve business relationships, productivity, and overall communication in the workplace. If you're looking to enhance the performance of your company while keeping costs at a minimum, virtual telephone solutions from Hosted-Voice is an ideal opportunity for you.