If I Have a Problem with Connection Do I Call Hosted Voice or My Internet Service Provider?

Hosted-Voice understands how important it is to maintain a clear and reliable connection for businesses of all sizes. Attempting to get in touch with internet service providers is not only a hassle but generates more time that the communication and productivity of your business is down. At Hosted-Voice, we encourage our clients to call us directly in the event of a system outage or disruption. By storing our virtual phone system hardware at our St Louis and Denver data centers, our team of experts are able to quickly locate the issue and get your business back up in no time. With virtual telephone solutions from Hosted-Voice, you can also forward calls to mobile devices to ensure you don't miss any business.

Hosted-Voice consists of a team of telecommunication enthusiast who strive to reach one main goal; providing companies, regardless of size, with enterprise-grade virtual telephone solutions. As a whole, we stand firmly by our belief that entrepreneurs are the strongest asset to our economy, and we aim to guarantee that these individuals have the virtual telephone solution they need to reach high success in their line of work. If you'd like more information about the virtual phone services we offer, or if you need assistance in determining which package best meets the needs of your business, contact Hosted-Voice today.