How Do I Receive Phone Calls Through a Virtual Telephone System If the Internet Is Down?

This question is probably the most common when businesses consider switching from typical PBX systems to Internet-based telephone systems. If your company sells items over the phone, it is imperative to maintain your phone connections, or if your business is primarily based upon business relationships, it's crucial to ensure your clients can get in touch with you as seamlessly as possible. Hosted-Voice provides backup connectivity which reduces delays caused by a down network. The Hosted-Voice team can also set your virtual telephone system to forward calls to a mobile phone in the event of an Internet service outage.

For business owners looking to increase workplace efficiency while cutting down on business phone services, a virtual phone system from Hosted-Voice is a great opportunity for you. By combining cloud and VoIP technologies, we have taken communication to a whole new level by transferring traditional lines to a secured internet platform. For over ten years, the Hosted-Voice team has been devoted to advancing the telecommunication industry, and we are proud to have matured into a complete service virtual telephone provider. By keeping the costly phone system equipment in our data centers, we have successfully eliminated expensive PBX hardware and maintenance!