Can I Use My Current Equipment with Services from Hosted Voice?

Generally speaking, if you would like to keep the PBX equipment, your business is currently utilizing, Hosted-Voice can provide you with SIP trunking services. By implementing SIP trunking, you're enabled to utilize the equipment you already have in place, allowing your company to save on costs by implementing current and ready-to-use resources. To verify that your PBX equipment can be maintained by Hosted-Voice, contact our team of professionals by calling or texting (314) 238-1500, you can also complete an online contact form and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

SIP trunk solutions allows clients to dispose of the ties they have to a telephone company. By minimizing a range of phone lines to a one-point entry, we are able to offer affordable incoming lines, along with getting rid of the IT costs that come along with maintaining them. With SIP trunking from Hosted-Voice, you'll receive improved dependability with lines that reroute to a data line or mobile phones in the event of system errors to guarantee that your company stays up and running. Boost productivity and cut monthly costs, with SIP trunk solutions from Hosted-Voice!