Cloud Softphone Eliminates the Need for Desk Phones

Amazing Smartphone Software Becomes Office Phone... Anywhere.

Let's say you have hired several new employees and you need to get them up and running fast. In today's "bring your own device" culture, they may bring their own computing devices, so that may or may not alleviate some problems, but you still need to get them connected to the company's systems for customer tracking, proposal generating, and customer service ticketing systems as well as the phone system. Cloud Softphone is our new product which integrates with smartphones beautifully in order to give new employees or mobile employees full access to all PBX functions including the ability to get corporate voicemail, transfer calls, receive inbound DID calls and perform all functions that a deskphone can typically provide. You even customize the application to reflect your own logo and some customized setup options at a small initial cost. So now companies can divorce themselves from costly telephone hardware that becomes out of date after a few years and leverage our app to entirely eliminate phone system related capital costs. This makes implementation of a new PBX entirely free from the standpoint of hardware. We know of no other company that provides integration as tightly as Cloud Sofphone from Call us for more information about how to get started. Download links are attached for iPhone and Android.